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Insulation & Other Tips for Keeping Cool

It’s important to understand your HVAC system — and specifically, how to make it run at its most efficient. If your home isn’t properly prepared for the heat, you risk wasting money on your AC bills. However, there are techniques and other options you can pursue to keep your property cool and comfortable on the hottest days.

Keep reading to discover some tried-and-true ways to get the most out of your home’s insulation and AC system.

Understanding Insulation

Insulation is a material that blocks outdoor air from entering a home and keeps your home’s conditioned air inside.

Various insulation materials, such as fiberglass batts, blown-in materials, eco-friendly recycled paper and aluminum sheets, can be used for insulation. These are installed in walls, ceilings and attics to keep homes energy-efficient and comfortable.

Insulation technician installing spray foam insulation in an attic ceiling while wearing a white hazmat suit.

Insulation should be installed in the right way with materials that work best for the size and space they occupy. Working with expert technicians, you can add insulation to many places throughout your home, blocking outside air from entering and keeping interior air inside.

Visalia summers can get hot — so we’re here to offer a few additional ways homeowners can keep their properties comfortable.

Upgrade Blinds & Window Treatments

Blinds and other window treatments are crucial in keeping a property cool during the summer. Closing your blinds to block direct sunlight can keep the heat at bay.

White blinds pulled down, but tilted open, over a set of four white windows with grids in a large living room.

While blinds, shades and curtains can keep the sun and heat out, not all window treatments are the same. Purchase thick curtains or ‘blackout-rated’ blinds or shades for heat control. Darker colors help keep more brightness out of the home.

Proper installation of these window treatments is key to staying cool — especially for windows that face the sun for most of the day. Identify where the sun is most likely to enter your home and install the best window treatments on those windows.

Consider HVAC Upgrades

Modern HVAC units allow for quick cooling and temperature control throughout the home. Compared to other models, energy-efficient units allow for cooling your home without driving up your electrical bills.

When considering a new system, work with a professional HVAC technician. They can discuss your specific needs and make sure the system fits your house size, budget and temperature preferences.

Explore Air Sealing

Air leakage through poor insulation or gaps in entry points can release your conditioned air, making it difficult to keep your home cool. Just like driving with the windows down and the AC on, fully sealing the space prevents your system from working too hard to keep your home comfortable. Air sealing can be a solution.

Three garage doors side-by-side on a large two-story home with dormers above.

Many areas in the home could suffer from air leaking, including windows, doors, fans, vents, ductwork and more. A technician can find these openings and seal them tightly to help keep your cool air inside.

Test Ventilation Solutions

You need operational air ducts and vents for your AC to deliver cool air throughout your home. If there are breaks, blockages or other obstacles, you may place undue stress on your system.

An HVAC team can inspect your entire ventilation system, ensure it’s sealed properly and deliver as much cool air as possible. Checking to see if your vents are open in each room can help ensure your whole home stays cool.

Keeping Cool in the California Heat

When temperatures rise, make sure you know the state of your insulation and HVAC system to avoid overspending on your AC bill. With the right techniques and installations, you can help extend the life of your system and equipment and keep cool in the heat.

The Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia team can keep your place cool. We offer insulation services, air sealing and more.

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Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort and value to new and existing homes.

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Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia is a leading installer of commercial fiberglass, rigid board and rockwool insulation.

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Our team provides professional window blind and shutter installation for your home or business.

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