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Insulation Contractors in Fresno, CA

Your home or commercial building needs sufficient insulation to maintain consistent temperatures throughout the year. Issues with your insulation can mean heat loss, high energy bills and excess noise pollution. The key to avoiding these problems is to make sure your insulation is installed correctly.

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia offers a wide range of insulation products and installation services.

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Home Insulation

Our home insulation products include cellulose and fiberglass insulation. We install faced, batted and blown-in products manufactured to improve the impact of their core material. That means you can achieve a higher R-value while using the correct insulation for each room and application.

We install insulation in:

  • New builds
  • Attics
  • Crawl spaces
  • Floors
  • Garages

If you have existing insulation, it’s possible to add new insulation over it as long as it isn’t damaged or wet. We offer expert re-insulation and insulation removal, including the removal of attic insulation in Fresno, CA.

Speak to a consultant about your options at 559-372-2960 or online.

Commercial Insulation

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia offers a full suite of commercial insulation services that can help you improve the energy efficiency of your building and keep your customers and employees comfortable during the cold winters.

We recommend fiberglass, rigid board and Rockwool products, depending on where insulation is needed.

Types of Insulation

Our insulation materials include:

  • Blown-in fiberglass insulation: You get all the benefits of fiberglass in a more mutable form. Blown-in fiberglass can fit the tiniest corners and cracks, so it’s perfect for crawl spaces, attics and around piping.
  • Fiberglass batt insulation: A popular and flexible way to insulate areas throughout the home. Batt insulation arrives in pre-cut panels that are usually used to line attics and walls. We offer premium ComfortTherm poly-wrapped insulation for extra efficiency.
  • Blown-in cellulose insulation: Eco-friendly cellulose is offered in loose-fill, blown-in form. It’s famous for its noise control abilities and works well as crawl space insulation.
  • Spray foam insulation: This material is applied wet. As it dries, it expands to fill the space. That’s why it’s a favorite for filling wall cavities and gaps. Use it in hard-to-reach areas around your plumbing and wires.
  • Rigid foam insulation: Rigid foam offers an R-value of R-4.2 per inch and is a budget-friendly way to reduce heat buildup in thermal sheathing. It’s available in a range of materials, including polystyrene, mineral wool and polyisocyanurate.

Broken Drum insulated my new home and I was very satisfied. They took the time to explain what I was getting which helped me make the right decision. Thank you for being straight forward!!! -Dan H.
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Additional Services We Offer

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia is your go-to insulation company. In addition to new insulation installation, we offer:

  • Retrofit insulation to restrict thermal flow in existing homes with or without old insulation.
  • Insulation removal: A safe, clean process that won’t contaminate your indoor air.
  • Insulation wholesale services for contractors who do their own installations. Our range includes Johns Manville, Thermafiber and Therm-all products.
  • Air sealing to take care of air gaps that can reduce your HVAC efficacy. We seal ductwork, fireplaces, walls and more. We’ll also repair air leaks in laundry chutes and other common areas.

Choose Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia for Your Insulation Needs

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia is a premium insulation company in the residential and commercial markets. We combine our exceptional work quality with core values of integrity, respect and commitment.

If you’re ready to enjoy the benefits of exceptional insulation, call 559-372-2960 or contact us online.

Insulation FAQs

How much heat do I lose through my ceiling?

Heat can escape your home in several ways, but ceilings and attics are an important part of the picture. Heat rises, so warm air can escape through a porous ceiling to the floor above.

As much as 85% of your home’s lost heat passes through the attic, so installing insulation in this under-appreciated room will have a powerful effect on your comfort.

What’s R-value?

R-value is a measure of an insulation’s performance. It defines how quickly your insulation will lose heat. You should choose your R-value by your climatic zone. The highest rating for insulation is R-45 per inch, which is achieved by vacuum-insulated aerogel.

How long will it take to insulate my home?

Small homes can be thoroughly insulated in a few hours. Big houses might need a full day. The time it takes will depend on whether you’re adding insulation to all recommended parts of your home, including your attic, basement, walls and siding.

Can you over-insulate your home?

Insulation is an art that requires balance. If your home is sealed too tightly, it will trap moisture indoors and cause mold.

Your insulation must allow ventilation to get through to prevent the degradation of your wood and mortar. Even the dry Fresno area is prone to humidity that can lead to degradation.

Services We Provide
Residential Insulation

Our insulation team adds energy efficiency, comfort and value to new and existing homes.

Commercial Insulation

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia is a leading installer of commercial fiberglass, rigid board and rockwool insulation.

Window Coverings

Our team provides professional window blind and shutter installation for your home or business.

Insulation Removal

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia provides home insulation removal services.

Garage Doors

Broken Drum Insulation of Visalia provides garage doors services.

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